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MF412 Level 4, Beijing Mall, 301 Wangfujing Street, Eastern district, Beijing, China

Beijing Flight Experience

Flight Experience Beijing is located right in the heart of busiest shopping precinct in downtown Beijing. This is the first flight simulator business available to the general public in Mainland China. The general public can now have the chance to see what it’s really like to fly a big jet airliner.

voucherAnyone, young or old, male or female, will sit in the Captains seat and with the aid of a Qualified Instructor fly into and out of their choice of airport. The Flight Experience flight simulator is a true representation of the world’s most popular airliner, the Boeing 737 and combines 220˚ wraparound visuals and realistic sound to give customers a unique and authentic aviation experience.

Flight Experience™ was the first in Asia and is the world leader in flight simulator entertainment with a dozen locations in eight different countries including Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait, France and the USA. Flying a plane in and out of the world’s greatest cities is an experience many dream of. Flight Experience™is helping everyday people see the world from a completely different perspective with its state of the art flight simulator.Flight Experience™ is approved by Boeing as an “Officially Licensed Product” and has flown over 120,000 clients in its simulators.

Flight Experience™ is approved by a number of Civil Aviation authorities around the world including the USA, Australia and Thailand, for actual pilot training. Real world pilots actually use the simulator to log flight time and even airline interview preparation.

With a choice of 24,000 airports around the world to fly in and out of, Flight Experience allows customers to explore foreign cities from a completely different vantage point.

Greeting you at the Flight Deck

The visuals are quite remarkable and you can take a leisurely flight around your favourite city and get low enough to take in all the sights. One of the most popular choices is Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport as it is a challenging approach with great scenery and as it closed 1998, can’t be done in real life ever again.

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Chris Clugston Sydney

Fantastic experience, well worth your time and money. If you have any interest in flying you must try this.

John Passlow Sydney

Felt very much at ease when I had no idea what I was doing! Realised I was not meant to be a pilot, but it was great fun and I will have great respect for pilots in the future. Recommend the experience to anyone!!

Rory Condon Hong Kong

Great Simulator, very realistic. Coming from flying gliders there are a lot of new skills to take in, but the instructors are always helpful, professional and fun!

Rob Baxter Hong Kong

I have been coming here regularly for nearly two years and really appreciate the friendly and fun attitude of the staff. There is always an exciting challenge that we set for each other which stretches my abilities as a “Pilot” or “Co-pilot”. Great entertainment and learning experience too. Come and see for yourself!

lin kuan chou Taiwan

The instructor is very professional and serious.Thank you Flight Experience , you offered a platform and opportunity for the general public, especially for those who is passionate to learn how to fly a jet. It’s a dream comes true. Also I need to thank those friendly staffs and their excellent service,  I will come back again for next holiday ,maybe with some more friends and families. You will not be disappointed with the experience here.

Markus Adhiwiyogo USA

Exactly as I expected it to be. This experience is both educational and fun. I feel that the instructor (Alvis) was knowledgeable and gave enough instructions/directions for me to proceed. I highly recommend this experience for all aviation enthusiasts.

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