Select your flight from our menu of packages. If you’re buying a Flight Experience as a gift, congratulations! This will be the most memorable gift you’ve ever given!

Pre-flight Briefing
Before your flight session you will receive a Pre-flight briefing led by your personal Qualified Flight Experience Instructor. Using a multi-media presentation you will choose from a variety of options to assist you with planning and executing your Flight Plan. Our Instructors will tailor each session to suit the interests and requests of each Captain. It is important for us to ensure you have the best experience possible!

Scenic Flight – 30 Mins


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City Circuits – 45 Mins


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City Flyer – 60 Mins


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Ultimate – 90 Min


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Multi City Flyer 60 Mins


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Multi Ultimate 90 mins


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Extreme 180 Minutes


3 hours special for Aviation Enthusiasts. … Read more

Multi Extreme 180 Mins


Share this 3 hours unique experience with 2 or 3 family members or friends… Read more

Join our VIP Flying Club and learn to fly the simulator solo!

You will receive special training by a combination of our Qualified Flight Instructors and real Airline Pilots.

Once licenced, you’ll fly by yourself, without the aid, of a Flight Experience Instructor. VIP Members are able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world.

You will be trained in all aspects of flying our Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator, following a process similar to gaining a real pilots license – for a fraction of the cost!

How does it work?

Become a VIP Member and you can start training today. We’ll teach you how to fly Circuits and gain License One, which permits you to conduct take-offs and landings by yourself. This will take around 5 hours (Please note this is an average time and may differ from person to person). After you have completed this you can then continue your training to become a fully-qualified VIP License Holder.

How do I join?

Enrollment is easy!

Simply join by purchasing a VIP Flying Club Membership from any participating Flight Experience store.

Enrollment can be done by internet, phone or at a Flight Experience store. Upon enrolling you will receive your VIP Flying Club Logbook and Training Manual. Booking lessons can be done at any time that suits the VIP Member.

Lessons, Licences and Endorsements

There are two licences available plus Endorsements. Each licence and endorsement permits members to accomplish extra flight duties, and eventually operate the simulator for both circuits and sectors, including simulator start up and programming, without Instructor supervision.

Do I qualify for special rates once I become a VIP Member, for friends or relatives?

Yes, you can choose to purchase one hour at a time or buy in bulk as follows:

  • One 60 minute flight or solo simulator hire – ¥1750 (Save over ¥250 per hour)
  • Four x 60 minute flights or solo simulator hire – ¥6000 (Save over ¥500 per hour)
Licence One – Enables you to fly Circuits

Once approved, VIP Members will be able to taxi, take-off, fly circuits and land at airports in cities anywhere in the world that is capable of operating the 737. This is great for sightseeing and improving your skills.
Time required: Approximately 5 hours of training and a 1 hour flight test

Pre-flight Endorsement – Enables you program the simulator

Members are permitted to gain a Pre-flight Endorsement at any time during their training. This is mandatory for Licence Two, but may be completed before, during or after Licence One. The Pre-flight Endorsement involves pre-flight, engine start-up and shutdown procedures from a ‘cold state’, including how to programme the FMC (Flight Management Computer).
Time required: Approximately 3 hours of training and a 30 minute test flight

Licence Two – Enables you to fly Sectors

Once approved, VIP Members will be able to fly a City-to City sector flight solo, using the Boeing 737 Navigation system and automation. This is the ultimate way to be the captain of a typical airline flight.
Time required: Approximately 5 hours of training and a 1.5 hour flight test

Advanced Endorsement – Learn how to fly in challenging conditions

VIP Members will be endorsed to fly in more challenging conditions including crosswind takeoffs and landings, low visibility approaches, engine failures, and single-engine approaches. VIP Members will choose some of the world’s most challenging approaches to test their new skills.
Time required: Approximately 4 hours of training

VIP Membership – ¥35,000

Includes the following:

  • Twenty (20) Hours of Training
  • VIP Flying Club Training Manual and Log
  • Boeing 737 Wings Pin
  • Boeing 737 decal
  • Club Membership ID and Boeing 737 Lanyard
  • Flight Experience Flying Club Cap
  • Flight Experience/Boeing T-shirt
Corporate Events

Forget tickets to the golf, concerts or a boring dinner where everyone struggles to make conversation and you can’t wait for it to end!

Corporate entertaining at Flight Experience is unique, exciting and fun. We provide an atmosphere of intimacy with our Boeing 737 simulator and your guests are the focus for the event. Everyone gets a chance to fly while others can watch from within the cockpit in the jump-seats or outside watching large TV monitors and a live feed from the flight deck. This environment of common interest encourages easy discussion and networking for your guests.

Our Corporate Challenge is designed to encourage light-hearted fun and rewards are offered to guests for a variety of outcomes throughout the event. We can cater for small groups of two or three guests up to larger parties of around twenty people. With a degree of apprehension about who will put in the best flight performance or landing an element of competition soon arises.

Real world commercial pilots are on hand to provide instruction and informative tips about aviation and the handling of a big jet aircraft.

Themed product launches, training evenings, rewards for staff and clients, Team Building or simply an afternoon of relaxing fun for the office personnel are all possible at Flight Experience™. Events can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Many levels of catering and refreshments are available and prices for Corporate Entertainment start from only ¥2990 for up to five guests.

Contact us today and speak to our Events Manager to find out more about what’s included and ideas for making your next client event the hottest ticket in town!

Maximize Results for Your Business

Flight Experience™ Incentives and Rewards offer your staff and clients a great opportunity to maximize results for your business. Whether it’s improving outcomes from your sales team, swelling your database through a competition, increasing purchases from your account customers or amassing extra sales through a retail promotion, Flight Experience™ will have them ‘reaching for the sky’!

Flight Experience™ operates flight simulators based on the Boeing 737-800 and with the assistance of our Licensed Pilots, clients have the chance to sit in the Captains seat and experience exactly what it’s like to fly a commercial jet airliner. It is a unique and exhilarating experience, guaranteed to excite your top performers.

Flight Experience™ is a Boeing ‘Officially Licensed Product’, and the world leader in flight simulator entertainment.

Contact us to look at ways of ‘reaching new heights’ in your business.

Give Your Child an Amazing and Educational Experience

Flying Start is a unique and exhilarating excursion designed to put children in the Captain’s seat of a Boeing 737. In a fun and exciting environment children will be taught the basics of aviation, by professional pilots. We have a number of engaging educational activities and games which cover aeroplanes, the airport and its environment.

This will prepare the children for an amazing experience and their turn in the Captain’s seat of the Boeing 737 Flight Simulator.

With the assistance of our Qualified Instructors they will fly the plane. Each child will receive a framed souvenir cockpit photo, Flight Certificate, Boeing sticker and aviation colouring-in book.

Flight Experience™ is a Boeing ‘Officially Licensed Product’, and the world leader in flight simulator entertainment.

Contact us to book your school excursion now.